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Hood and Duct Cleaning - Bahamas

Hood and Duct Cleaning


We Are a Complete Commercial & Restaurant Maintenance Service Solution

Our technicians clean your hood and duct system to legal requirements and certify your kitchen hood exhaust system to comply with Fire Marshals, Dept. of Health and Safety, and your insurance carrier.

Hood and Duct Cleaning Bahamas

Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Commercial kitchens with exhaust hoods and fans require a proper cleaning and degreasing. Your exhaust system requires regular cleaning to greatly reduce the risk of a fire in your establishment.

Insurance companies and municipalities alike also require commercial hood cleaning for restaurants and industrial kitchens. At A.L. Cleaning, we utilize several different techniques during our grease vent hood cleaning to absolutely guarantee your entire exhaust system is not only grease-free and meets standards. When our team cleans your restaurant’s hood and vents, we provide you with documents with pictures of your restaurant’s entire grease exhaust system both before and after our service. We also provide a report that outlines any issues that we find with your kitchen exhaust system. Your satisfaction is what drives us.

When we clean your hood, it not only degreases, sanitizes, and protects your equipment, it helps prevent kitchen fires. Be careful about hiring other “professionals” who do the bare minimum. Our expert technicians know how to degrease and sanitize commercial restaurant hoods and vents. The last thing you want to do is harm your equipment with abrasive / rough cleaning methods. We understand the value of your property and always use safe chemicals to quickly and carefully clean and disinfect your kitchen vents and hood.

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If you are in The Bahamas, contact us for hood and duct cleaning. Call (242) 364-8211 or use our CONTACT FORM to send us a message.
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How can we help?

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